Why’s ‘Berlin’ Back? ‘Money Heist’ spin-off series (Korea?)

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The new heist squad for Berlin, a Money Heist spin-off, has been made public by Netflix. Producers had been hinting at series additions for a time following Money Heist’s success on Netflix. A trailer for a prequel series named Berlin was unveiled in November 2021, right before the conclusion of Money Heist. The new series will follow Berlin, also known as Andrés de Fonollosa from Money Heist.

In Money Heist, The Professor and his eight-person team seek to commit the biggest heist in Spanish history. The group infiltrates the Royal Mint of Spain and holds people hostage for 11 days while printing millions of dollars while using aliases based on well-known city names. Following their triumph, this gang robs The Bank of Spain, taking just enough gold to keep the economy from suffering. The programme has garnered praise for its superb portrayal of Spanish culture while still attracting foreign viewers. It has also received praise for its tremendous drama, action scenes, and outstanding character development.

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The cast of the new heist crew is introduced in the most recent Berlin trailer from Netflix. Berlin is back in the group of six, and there are also brand-new members Keila, Cameron, Roi, Damián, and Bruce. The images of the various characters reveal details about their personalities and potential future responsibilities on the crew. Watch the complete trailer below:

The caption of the film, “mixing love with heists isn’t always a bad idea,” alludes to the possibility of a romantic relationship between Berlin and the new characters. From the vivacious Keila to the more serious Roi, the crew as a whole seems to have unique characteristics. With this new organisation, viewers can anticipate lots more heists in Berlin, perhaps with Berlin serving as the mastermind rather than The Professor. The Professor might make a cameo since the series takes place before Money Heist and he is Berlin’s brother. Their relationship and the circumstances leading up to the events in Money Heist may be explored in the show.

Fans can anticipate more background information on this guy because the show follows Berlin when he was younger. While the fifth season of the show concentrated on his past, many elements, like as the heists he committed and the relationships he had, were not thoroughly addressed. This programme would be a fantastic vehicle for showcasing incidents similar to those mentioned in Money Heist. More trailers that reveal more about the show’s plot should be released soon because Berlin is scheduled to premiere in 2023.

The protagonist of Berlin is Andrés de Fonollosa, who appears in the Money Heist. In the new series, which chronicles the legendary jewel thief’s prior heists, Pedro Alonso returns as Berlin.

The teaser introduces the ensemble, which consists of Joel Sánchez as Bruce, a persistent man of action, Begoa Vargas as the erratic Cameron, Julio Pea Fernández as the dedicated Roi, and Tristan Ulloa as Damián, Berlin’s confidant and a generous professor.

Money Heist writers Esther Martnez Lobato and Lex Pina remarked at a Netflix event last week, “We loved the notion of introducing a new gang around Berlin in a completely different emotional condition.”

Filming for Berlin began on Monday in Paris, and it will also be produced in Madrid. The television show will debut in 2023.

From 2017 until 2021, the first season of Money Heist aired. Money Heist: Korea – Joint Economic Area, a Korean adaptation, was made available on Netflix in June.

London, England
Berlin has returned! The creators of the spinoff series for Berlin starring Pedro Alonso have released the first image.

Berlin has returned! The creators of the spinoff series for Berlin starring Pedro Alonso have released the first image.
The captivating Pedro Alonso reprises his dynamic role as the title character in the Money Heist spin-off Berlin, which has debuted its first trailer.

Berlin has returned! In addition to providing a fresh look at Berlin, the first look of Berlin, a spin-off of Pedro Alonso’s well-known character from Money Heist (also known as La Casa de Papel), also introduces the other characters that will appear in the show. Berlin will be set in the past and chronicle the events that lead to him participating in the Professor’s theft, as the first look video indicated.

Berlin greets fans in the Netflix first peek video sporting a sharp suit and an obviously younger appearance. He can be seen changing into various attire while the music builds anticipation. Then, Damian, Keila Cameron, Roi, and Bruce are introduced to the audience.

“Mixing love and heists isn’t necessarily a bad idea,” Netflix remarked in a video sharing the first look. Along with the first peek, the creators revealed that Berlin will debut in 2023.

The Hollywood Reporter verified the show’s cast members and their responsibilities over the weekend. They disclosed that Michelle Jenner’s character Keila, who specialises in electronics, is. Damián, who is portrayed by Tristán Ulloa, is a devoted professor and Berlin’s confidante. Cameron will be portrayed by Begoa Vargas, Roi by Julio Pea Fernández, and Bruce by Joel Sánchez.

The first season’s eight episodes were co-written by Money Heist writers Esther Martnez Lobato and Lex Pina. David Oliva and David Berrocal also joined them. They are being directed by Albert Pintó, Barrocal, and Geoffrey Cowper.

The series will begin filming in Paris on October 3 and will be filmed there as well as in Madrid, according to THR.

Fans would recall that in season two of Money Heist, Berlin perished. However, because of the popularity of the character, the creators decided to give him his own show before bringing him back in flashbacks in later seasons.

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