How to make a Crypto Punk

Why are some of these little pixelated characters selling for millions of dollars and why are some of the largest celebrities we know making them their profile picture in this articles we’ll be talking about

what are crypto punks what are these little pixelated characters that have made a wave in modern culture this articles we’ll be talking about crypto punks the iconic nft project that has made waves not only in the nft space but has broken out into modern day culture crypto punks are an nft collection of 10 000 unique collectible characters that exist on the ethereum blockchain now

before we get further into this i do want to describe to you what is an nft an nft stands for a non-fungible token a token that is uniquely identifiable on the blockchain non-fungible meaning that it cannot be interchangeable for example we have two us dollars the same exact thing you can exchange each of these us dollars from one person to another once we have done that they are still the same us dollar and have the same value attached to them meaning they are fungible in nfts we have two tokens that are uniquely identifiable on the blockchain that have different token ids attached to each asset and with these tokens being uniquely identifiable

you now open up the doors for them to be bought sold and transferred on the blockchain this adds digital ownerships to digital items that exist online and this is what crypto punks are in its essence now to go back to it once again crypto punks are a 10 000 unique collection of collectible characters that exist on the ethereum blockchain they were created and launched back in june 23 of 2017 by a team called the larva labs which consists of two people named matt hall and john watskin some of these assets have sold for astronomical value even some of them hitting major auction houses such as christie’s and sotheby’s for example this lot on saturday sold for 11 million 754 000 right there’s also multiple crypto punk sales that we can see on larva labs website which consists of multi-million dollar sales for certain punks

right certain characters that exist within this nft project now you may be asking what gives value to these nfts why are they selling for such a large amount of money well to answer that question there’s a multitude of different ways to go into that nfts have become collectibles as well there are other nft collections besides crypto punks that people have started collecting right as a whole we’re seeing a mass adoption of collectors join into the crypto space and nft space collecting these tokens

and the reason why crypto punks has some of the largest values we will see is that they are one of the oldest nfts that have ever been launched or existed on a blockchain like i said at the beginning they launched on june 23rd of 2017 making them one of the earliest nfts to ever exist now this doesn’t make them the first nft to ever launch but it’s also important to highlight that their launch also inspired the erc 721 standard which is now the token standard that most nfts have so being the inspiration and adding history and having historical value in that sense gives the

crypto punk collection value from the start now another important thing to note is that we’ve seen a wave of people using crypto punks and other nfts as their profile picture as their digital identity in the online space there are people like jay-z like odell beckham jr like logan paul and many others that have adopted crypto punks to use as their profile picture images and their digital profile crypto punks was also the first nft collection to really popularize this set and type of collections that released 10 000 nfts right that were able to be used as profile picture avatars and some sort of digital identity this launch later on in 2021 has been the inspiration for so many other new projects such as board ape yacht club cool cats and many other

nfts something else to know is that the artwork really speaks to a certain amount of people now as it might not be for everyone there are people who enjoy this type of art style with it being a pixelated form of art and it having that also that added historical value as we mentioned coupled with this art that has this old sentiment to it can add value to the project as well now let’s break down crypto punks a little bit too they are collection of 10 000 unique pixelated characters that have associated different levels of traits attached to these nfts so for example let’s pick one here

let’s pick this guy there are a certain amount of traits that are associated with this crypto punk right first of all this is one of and thirty nine male punks the accessories it has handlebars has a mustache has a do-rag as well as the 3d glasses which only a certain amount of punks have these features and as these traits have a certain amount of supply within each traits it is continuing to add rarity other than the 10 000 low supply to begin with so as we go back to some of the

highest sales we have seen for a crypto punk for example this one right here selling for 7.58 million dollars we can click onto it and see that there is only nine of these alien punks that exist within this nft project adding immense value to its collectibility there’s also other rare traits such as zombies apes and other traits that are highly highly collectible within this nft project now as the brand continues to grow right as crypto punks continue to become more popularized

within the space and mainstream culture there is a multitude of different things that these nfts can do other than exist as a 10 000 piece nft collection on line and on the blockchain there is a total brand that can be developed within crypto punks there can be merchandise there can be tv shows there can be an amusement park heck there can be anything that could be possibly imagined that this brand could do with the amount of allocation and funds they have received with this nft collection overall for example the massive brand we know as disney probably didn’t start off with an amusement park off the

bat this is something they developed into right as their brand continued to expand as their characters within their universe continued to become popularized with mainstream culture mickey mouse started off as a drawing right and developed into something massive and enormous this is possibly what we could be seeing here with these characters itself being the extreme bare bones of the brand itself that could later develop into something huge

another thing i would like to note too is something that may be coming true in the near future the hollywood reporter actually reported that the crypto punks team has signed an exclusive license with the united talent agency for tv film video games publishing projects and more using the crypto punks ip that means the crypto punks brand is looking to branch out just besides being an nft collection that exists online and on the blockchain they want to use the success of their ip that has been had so far and expand that into other projects and develop the ip further and by doing so you’re adding more value into that collection that original collection of nfts that exist on the blockchain imagine it being the first drawings of mickey mouse that were ever drawn on a piece of paper

i’m assuming with how big disney is now and how big mickey mouse is now that those drawings those first ed drawings will be worth a lot of money and will have high collectible value because the ip just has grown so much from the birth of it now i’m not here to say that this will exactly happen with crypto punks but it’s certainly a possibility and you can see why people are speculating and starting to believe that this will eventually happen crypto punks really started this revolution of digital identity adding digital identity to online ecosystems

as we continue to expand into the online verse as we come more immersed into technology there may be a portion where we possibly want to be represented as one of these profile picture avatar projects whether it be crypto punks or another project that exists that currently allows people to claim their avatars and have digital identity with that is yet to be seen but at the same time

we’re currently seeing something right now being spawned with crypto punks as well as a few other projects people are adopting now it’s still incredibly early within nfts and we have no idea where this will end up going but i just want to give a brief description of what crypto punks are why they are significant and why they hold value right now if you found some value out of this article let me know down below if you’re still confused let me know down below i know it could be kind of just a mind twister for new people coming into this space trying to understand why these little pixel characters are selling for millions of dollars.

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