How to do a Successful Influencer Marketing

Hey everybody

If you’re are looking to increase your brand awareness and sales of your eCommerce store, then you are in the right place!

I’m about to reveal some easy and Step-by-Step processes to do a Highly Profitable Influencer Marketing without spending a lot of money getting no results.

Working with the Wrong Influencer can harm your business, and Mistakes can lead to a Risky Investment.

But don’t worry because today I’m going to share with you a simple, step-by-step process, to do Highly Effective Influencer Marketing.

So, without wasting our valuable time let’s get right into the article.

Influencer Marketing is only the type of Marketing with 10 to 15 times return on your Investment but why do some people struggle, to get even, half of that result?

Well, Here is Why?

They don’t follow a process, The Process which I’m about to show you in this video.

These are the steps we are going to talk about

  1.  Finding the Right Influencer
  2. Analysing the Audience
  3. Finding connected Influencer
  4. Outreaching the Influencer
  5. Negotiating with Influencers
  6. Creating content with an Influencer
  7. Measuring the ROI

1,2,3 and 4 step are where most people go wrong

and 6 step can litrally double or triple your results.

A little disclaimer – If you miss even a single process discussed in this video you’ll get inefficient results.

Each and Every Step must be taken seriously.

So our first step is

Finding the Right Influencer- who’s the perfect fit for your brand.

Working with a Wrong Influencer will target an uninterested audience to your brand which will lead you to Unsatisfied results.

Getting the right influencer will set you up on the right track

The most important factor for getting the right influencer is “The Influencer and the audience must be Similar to your Brand”

It’s quite simple to find out if the Influencer is similar to your brand or not.

But most people get mistaken in finding the Influencer with a similar audience to their brand.

To make it more simple Here is a Checklist to find out If the Influencer is the right fit for your brand or not.

Do they have well Engaged Social Media Following? are they getting likes and comments

Do they have Audience Trust, Credibility, and Expert Status? you can check it through the comment section if people are talking about their problems or describing their emotions

then they are more likely connected to their influencers.

  • Do they have a personal interest in that Area?
  • Do they have quality content that stands out?
  • Do their audience finds value in their content?
  • Does the content match your brand?
  • Are the Engagement of their audience to Regular Post similar to Sponsered post?
  • Is the Audience Influenced by their post? which you can find out in the comment section.

If the Influencer you choose Meets all these criteria that means You got the right Influencer. Appreciate yourself You did it the part where most people fail without even recognizing

Let’s Proceed to the Next Step

Analyzing the Audience

Audience Analysis might look like a Skippable step but it’s very helpful to find out who their audience is like their Age, Gender, Location, and Interest.

If you’re doing Paid Influencer marketing which we’ll discuss later in this Video. You can ask the Influencer for Insight or analytics of their Profile.

Use the Next Process if you are doing product for post Marketing but anyways follow this process don’t rely on the Insight or analytics shared by the Influencer, as Photos can be Manipulated.

To Perform this Audience Analysis Go to the last 5 posts and take out 5-10 people from each post who liked and commented on the most recent.

Make sure they all have a Public Profile. Check their age some times you’ll find it in their BIO. If not Make a Guess.

Genders can be easily recognized.

and Locations might be mentioned in their photos.

To know the Intrest you can check the tags in the photo and analyze them based on their mood.

After doing the Audience Analysis you will get the Demographics and their Interests.

Now, You have a Better Idea about your Target customers and now Act upon it.

Finding Connected Influencers

At this point in time, you must have found at least 1 Influencer that Perfectly fits into your Brand.

Now it’s time to find more Influencers Easily with similar statistics with the help of the Instagram Algorithm.

to perform this process create a totally new account on Instagram or any Social media platform you are targeting your Influencer.

After creating Account go and follow the Influencers you just found in the previous steps.

Now, Head toward the related or suggestion section where the algorithm suggests you, people, to follow based on your current following.

anyone you think fits your brand follow and count them in your Influencer marketing campaign.

Outreaching the Influencers

This is one of the Most Important Steps as how you’ll perform this step will determine whether the influencer ends up working with you or not.

The first thing to keep in mind is that these Influencers are getting a huge amount of Emails Every day. They have very little time to read the Emails.

They might Overlook the Email just to find the Main Points.

Here are the points to follow when reaching out to those Influencers to make sure you look Unique and Stand Out.

Personalize your message:- In my research talking to Influencers I found out many of the Influencer filters the messages and never read them If it looks like a copy-paste generic message customized through a template.

To make your message personalize create it based on the Influencer’s Intrest and find out current happenings in the there life.

The more you know about the person, the more personal your communication can be made and the greater chance of getting a positive response.

Then customize a brief and to-the-point message catching their Interest right away.

This will alone make your outreach more likely to get successful.

You will get an Example of an Influencer Outreaching Email I would use for my Brand in the description of this video:-

You’ve reached out to the Influencer and you got the response from the Influencer to collaborate.

Now, let’s move to the Next step

Negotiate with Influencers

When it comes to negotiation it depends on your expectation.

While Negotiating you need to layout deliverables and clear to the point Expectations from an Influencer.

Be clear and exact.

Send briefing documents & agreements

Negotiate about getting the Approval to use the content for Paid Advertising in the future to Multiply your results.

and for large deals consider meeting in person.

Creating content with an Influencer.

In this Step, I am going to talk about ways you can boost your Influencer marketing results and make the most out of your Influencer marketing campaign.

This step litrally has a potential to double or triple your Return on Investment for your campaign.

In influencer marketing, Influencer Generated content is going to be your Asset.

and you need to know how to leverage your assets in the best way possible.

Here are some ways you can get more out of your Content:-

If you colobrated with a Paid Influencer with a good engegement and media reach consider hiring photographers and videographers to produce product content.

Another amazing and my fav. way is Creating User Generated Content collaborating with influencers.

Reposting an Influencer Generated Content to your Brands Social Media.

Doing Paid Advertising using Influencer Generated Content to Promote your brand.

The Possibility of Leveraging the Content you get is Endless that’s why i said this can double or triple your Results.

It all depends on your Creativity.

and if you get positive results from the content created you should strongly consider
re-collaborating with the influencer.

Measuring the ROI

Measuring an Influencer Marketing Campaign results and knowing whether it was worth it or not.

To calculate the ROI The Gain from Investment is divided by the cost of Investment

for example let:- Cost of Influencer Marketing be $1000
and you got $5000 in sales

Your ROI will be Sales – Cost of Marketing divided by Cost of Marketing and that’s your 400% ROI

To track the ROI for each influencer you can create special Discount Codes or UTM links.

Now go and create a report with the key metrics, results, and learnings from your influencer marketing campaign.

  • And You Must Always Respect and Love these Influencers. Let them be creative don’t try to control them.

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